General fault



We are currently looking at an issue affecting both our own site and several servers, affecting client sites too. More updates to follow.


8th May 2018, at 2:15PM

[resolved] All sites & services restored and have been fine over the last 24 hours.

7th May 2018, at 1:29AM

[monitoring] Most items should now be back online as we've mitigated the immediately failed piece of kit. Some items like Mercury email and our site need further work, but should be coming back online soon - WordPress sites should be back.

The work has temporarily addressed the failed part but we will need to take remedial action shortly to address the failed piece of kit. That will be happening after the bank holiday weekend - in the early morning hours - as soon as we can schedule.

7th May 2018, at 12:14AM

[unresolved] In order to correct the issue we're now working with the 24/7 team at the datacenter to help work around the failed part. We expect it to take 30 minutes or so to have someone in place to start mitigation efforts; hopefully from there we're able to restore systems one by one.

7th May 2018, at 12:05AM

[unresolved] We have identified a fault affecting a core piece of our network infrastructure and are now working on correcting this. Parts of our WordPress hosting platform, our own site and email (Mercury not Atmail) services are directly affected by this fault.