Email (Mercury)



Some emails appear to be delayed or not arriving. Access to webmail results in a error message for some users. Engineers are investigating.


18th June 2018, at 9:35AM

[resolved] We have had no further reports of issues.

18th June 2018, at 8:56AM

[monitoring] Access to webmail and email management from within the control panel has now been resolved.

Engineers are now monitoring for any additional issues.

18th June 2018, at 8:56AM

[resolved] The issues managing e-mails via the customer control panel should now also be resolved.

18th June 2018, at 8:42AM

[unresolved] Engineers have identified and fixed issues with POP. POP connections should now be connecting again and email should start arriving for users using POP clients.

We are still investigating the issues regarding managing emails via our control panel.