Email (Mercury)



Clients who connect over IPv6 are having difficulties accessing receiving email via their email clients. Webmail is accessible and no email has been lost.

Engineers are currently investigating.


21st June 2018, at 5:26PM

[resolved] After 24 hours of system stability, we're marking this issue as resolved. There were two separate underlying faults, firstly an IPv6 routing issue and later some errant firewall rules on a newly installed server prevented some connections from working successfully.

19th June 2018, at 4:15PM

[monitoring] A fix for the latest issue has been put in place and we are monitoring the situation for recurrence.

19th June 2018, at 3:02PM

[unresolved] After a period of full functionality, the problem in accessing emails has recurred. Our engineers continue to investigate the matter.

19th June 2018, at 2:18PM

[resolved] The problem was due to a firewall misconfiguration on a new server added to our email systems. This has now been resolved.

19th June 2018, at 12:55PM

[unresolved] Some clients are reporting that they are again receiving sporadic disconnections from the mail server so this status has been re-opened whilst we investigate.

18th June 2018, at 3:50PM

[resolved] Engineers happy to report no more issues reported

18th June 2018, at 1:29PM

[monitoring] Engineers have resolved the issue with IPv6 and mail clients and mail should be restored. No email has been lost and it should be delivered the next time your mail client tries to connect.

Our engineers continue to monitor while email access gets back to normal.

18th June 2018, at 12:53PM

[unresolved] Engineers have identified the root cause of issues and are looking to remedy the issue. For clients affected we are advising that if urgent access to emails is needed to use the webmail interface which should be unaffected.

No email has been lost, and once fixed, email that is backed up will be sent to email clients.