email (Mercury platform)



We have received a number of calls this morning from users reporting that they cannot connect to - engineers are currently investigating and will post further details in due course.


2nd November 2018, at 12:05PM

[resolved] No further reports have been received, so this incident is now closed.

1st November 2018, at 7:09PM

[monitoring] We continue to see performance improve as the added storage is balanced into the overall storage cluster. We will continue to monitor the situation through the night and into Friday.

We realize this is a repeat of several identical previous issues and have an active case open with our storage vendors to hopefully implement a broader and more permanent solution.

1st November 2018, at 4:51PM

[unresolved] More capacity was added to the storage array later this afternoon. This should now be increasingly improving access times and performance levels.

1st November 2018, at 2:42PM

[unresolved] Engineers are reporting that disk usage continues to drop well below 70% and a fractional improvement has been noticed. We anticipate that this should continue to improve as more files get moved. If you are having issues with logging into do please keep trying.

1st November 2018, at 12:08PM

[unresolved] Issues have been traced to a single server in the array. Disk allocation limits appear to be the cause, and engineers are seeking to free up some space. As the limits are causing high loads we anticipate that this will unfortunately take some hours.