WordPress hosting



A number of sites on our WordPress hosting are currently experiencing site outage. Our developers are working to resolve this as soon as possible.


1st December 2018, at 7:29PM

[resolved] All affected services have now been fully restored. We do apologize for this error which affected roughly around 1% of our hosted WP accounts. Please drop an email to support@34sp.com FAO Stuart, for further details if your container was affected.

1st December 2018, at 6:49PM

[unresolved] Our phone lines are closed for the day as of 5:30pm, however, please rest assured that work to restore services is still continuing and we're aiming to have updates as they become available.

1st December 2018, at 1:44PM

[unresolved] Work continues, some sites have service restored but others are still affected and we are aware of this. Unfortunately, the restoration process is manual and therefore more time consuming than originally anticipated. If you have raised a support ticket with us, you will be updated when the work to restore your site is complete.