Email (Mercury mail platform)



We are currently seeing a spike in access load on our mail array and some users are reporting slow load times. Engineers are currently investigating the cause.


13th March 2019, at 11:25AM

[resolved] A fix for the issues has been put in place and seem to be effective.

11th March 2019, at 7:16AM

[monitoring] Engineers worked along with our storage vendor to reduce the load which has been back to normal for a couple of hours. We are currently continuing to monitor for any additional issues.

11th March 2019, at 3:21AM

[monitoring] Engineers were alerted to high load, which would be affecting the Mercury mail platform performance. The storage vendors have been contacted, and are currently investigating the matter personally.

8th February 2019, at 11:18AM

[monitoring] It has now been over 24 hours since any reported issues, though we do still continue to keep a close eye on the situation.

Our storage vendors continue to compare log files, which is proving quite time consuming. We do have steps in place that should any further incidents occur, we should be able to resolve them within a matter of minutes.

The status of this incident has now been changed to monitoring.

7th February 2019, at 10:57AM

[unresolved] Services have now automatically restarted and access levels returned to normal. We will continue to monitor as analysis continues.

7th February 2019, at 10:12AM

[unresolved] The storage array vendor is viewing the servers "as issues happen" so we anticipate mail access to be sporadic for the next several minutes. We apologise for the short term inconvenience but hope that this will allow them to resolve the issue in the longer term.

6th February 2019, at 10:44AM

[unresolved] Connections to the mail array today have so far remained stable and well within tolerance. Whilst we await deeper log analysis from our supplier, if you are experiencing issues with email, do please get in touch.

6th February 2019, at 8:53AM

[unresolved] Overnight update: The storage array vendor has confirmed receipt of and initial analysis of the server logs. These have so far been inconclusive, unfortunately. We will continue to press for more information.

5th February 2019, at 4:11PM

[unresolved] Additional servers have not completely resolved the issue. Certain users are still seeing slower connection times than ideal. We have also identified a slow down across one segment of the email systems storage array. The vendor for this storage system has been contacted and we are awaiting their review and assessment.

5th February 2019, at 2:54PM

[unresolved] Additional hardware is now coming online and hopefully should be impacting connection times. Please note that the error is related to the systems that process POP and IMAP email internally. No email stored should be lost, and no new incoming email should be lost either.

Users may see slight delays in new email arriving or in connecting to the platform during the load spikes. Our advice is to leave an IMAP client open, and you should see email arrive albeit with a brief delay.

Please note, our phone lines are open, but only for callback requests. Due to the nature of the fault, queue times were becoming excessive and as such direct lines are currently unavailable. We've been asking affected clients to review this status page message, as our support team have no additional information on the fault, or ETA beyond this post. If you visit our support page and lodge a callback request though, we will happily call you back directly.

5th February 2019, at 1:37PM

[unresolved] Configuration continues. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and wish to reassure customers that we are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

5th February 2019, at 12:02PM

[unresolved] Standby hardware is now in place and being brought online. We anticipate that once fully active this should resolve the problems we've been seeing. We will post a further update once this is done.

5th February 2019, at 10:28AM

[unresolved] An engineer is en route to the data centre. We will update once they arrive and can report back.