Email (Tank4)



We're currently reviewing a fault affecting the Tank4 storage system, that stores email for a number of users. The system is currently offline and not responding to remote access. Engineers are currently assessing the fault.

This will impact email access but not affect any web services.


24th July 2019, at 4:21PM

[resolved] A new CPU was installed on Monday and has been running without incident since. Status updated from Monitoring to Resolved.

20th July 2019, at 8:25PM

[monitoring] Services should now be coming back up. The fault is related to a faulty CPU on the storage system. This was complicated by the system also not being connected to a remote access tool. A replacement CPU is on order and we will monitor the system in the interim.

20th July 2019, at 7:13PM

[unresolved] The system has failed to respond to remote attempts at restoration. Work has completed in restoring access to mailboxes not stored on Tank4. Tank4 and associated services remains down. Our next step is to send an engineer to the datacenter to inspect the system in person.