Email (



Mail services are being reported as being unresponsive at the moment. Engineers have issued a service restart for Please bear with us whilst we investigate the cause and potential resolution.


6th September 2019, at 2:01PM

[resolved] This incident is now marked as resolved.

2nd September 2019, at 3:15PM

[monitoring] Email services appear to have returned to normal, though we shall continue to monitor.

2nd September 2019, at 2:16PM

[unresolved] The mail storage node server is now connecting to the rest of the network once again. Mail seems to now being delivered to devices such as outlook, and webmail seems to also be working. As there is a large backlog of mail, if you are still experiencing issues, do please give it a few moments and then attempt to connect again.

2nd September 2019, at 12:12PM

[unresolved] One of the servers acting as a storage node keeps disconnecting from the rest of the system. An engineer is en route to the data centre and anticipates arrival shortly.

2nd September 2019, at 11:50AM

[unresolved] Some users are reporting that they can now connect OK. We advise users to keep checking back if they are still experiencing issues.