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Engineers are currently investigating an issue with mail caused by a table that logs sent mail. Users are reporting that access has been affected.


30th April 2020, at 5:10PM

[resolved] This issue was resolved some time ago.

19th March 2020, at 10:49AM

[monitoring] We implemented a resolution to the database locks. The email service has been restored. We will be continuing to monitor the situation.

12th March 2020, at 4:23PM

[unresolved] We are seeing further locks of the email database and at the moment mail access is down. We have found a possible resolution and brought that into place, it will take effect when the current lock goes and access is restored.

We are unable to give a precise ETA on this but expect access to be restored this afternoon.

21st February 2020, at 1:35PM

[monitoring] Our email database has been successfully brought back in to service now and email service has been restored. Some sent emails and incoming emails will be subject to delays as queues are worked through but we'd expect everyything to be back to normal in the next couple of hours. We will be keeping an eye on the queue levels to ensure that they do return to normal as expected.

21st February 2020, at 12:10PM

[unresolved] Engineers are attempting to unlock database accesss in order to restore connectivity. We do not at this time have an estimate of how long this will take.

21st February 2020, at 10:59AM

[unresolved] To clarify, this issue is affecting ALL email access, not just webmail. Sending and receiving via a mail program and accessing webmail are all currently inaccessible.