WordPress Hosting (wordpressvps22.34sp.com)



Sites hosted on wordpressvps22.34sp.com are currently unavailable due to a disk issue.

Engineers are working to resolve this issue.


22nd April 2021, at 8:11AM

[resolved] All sites remain functional so we now consider this incident as resolved.

16th April 2021, at 8:17AM

[unresolved] Restoration of all sites is now complete. Staging areas for those sites that have them is also completed, but we are checking these over now. Functionality in the control panel is also returned to normal.

15th April 2021, at 4:44PM

[unresolved] A handful of sites logged as complete on the restore process are still showing issues - we are dealing with these individually at the moment.

Clients formerly on WordPressVPS 22 should please note that until fully resolved, parts of the account.34sp.com control panel (such as the email admin area for example) will remain inaccessible to avoid desynchronization of data.

15th April 2021, at 8:31AM

[unresolved] The restoration process has completed for active sites but we do have a few sites that need further investigation. If your site is currently displaying a new WordPress install then we are aware of this and will be working through these. Once this process has completed we will be restoring the backups of the staging sites.

14th April 2021, at 4:35PM

[unresolved] Restoration of sites continues to the new server from the backup facility. We thank you once again for your patience, and will continue to work on these until they are completed.

14th April 2021, at 11:12AM

[unresolved] Restoration from backups to a new server are continuing. A number of these have already completed - if you are still waiting we thank you for your patience; from what remains this process may take somewhat longer than we originally thought.

14th April 2021, at 12:41AM

[unresolved] We continue to work on the restoration of sites through the night. Based on our current estimations we hope to be nearing completion by Wednesday late morning or early afternoon. again please note, times may vary a little due to sites varying in sizes.

13th April 2021, at 4:56PM

[unresolved] We are working through restoring all of these sites as fast as we can. Over half of the sites have been restored from this server. Due to the size of some of the sites, this is taking longer than anticipated. If your site was impacted by this issue and is now live then your migration has been completed. We will send an email to all affected users when this whole process is complete.

13th April 2021, at 8:38AM

[unresolved] We are restoring all affected sites from recent backups. We are working our way through this process and will get to every site.

12th April 2021, at 6:29PM

[unresolved] We are unable to recover the RAID array on this server, so are now undertaking migration efforts. Affected clients will shortly receive an email with details on how their sites will be moved to new servers.