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We have just renewed our SSL certificate and this is in the process of being rolled out to all incoming and outgoing mail servers. Users who are connecting via mail.YOUR-DOMAIN.COM and smtp.YOUR-DOMAIN.COM may well find their mail program now reports a certificate mismatch (where YOUR-DOMAIN.COM is your actual domain name).

Users can either view the certificate and tell their mail program to permanently accept the mismatch, or preferably change the server name in their mail programs to the following:

mail.34sp.com (for Mercury users)
webmail.34sp.com (for atmail users)


If you are unsure as to which mail system you are on, please visit http://webmail.YOUR-DOMAIN.com. If it looks the same as https://webmail.34sp.com you are on atmail. If it looks like https://mail.34sp.com you are on Mercury.

Servers Affected

mail and smtp services

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